Graf & Pitkowitz vergibt Förderpreis 2014 „Insolvenzrecht". Erfolgreiche Forschungskooperation mit Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Mit Ende des Sommersemesters 2014 hat Graf & Pitkowitz in Graz den traditionellen Insolvenzrecht-Förderpreis vergeben. Dieser Preis wird seit einigen Jahren in Kooperation mit der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz für herausragende Forschungsprojekte auf dem Gebiet des Insolvenzrechts und angrenzender Rechtsgebiete ausgeschrieben.




To put you in the picture - the ´picture right´ under the Copyright Act
Dr. Ferdinand Graf, ILO Newsletter, 11. August 2014

The Supreme Court has once again ruled on a case dealing with the so-called ´picture right´ - a provision in the Copyright Act on which numerous decisions are based. In the case, the question arose as to whether a well-known criminal defence lawyer had the right to demand that a media owner not publish his picture. The court weighed the claimant´s interest in security against the defendant´s interest in reporting the story.


Challenge Accepted.


Graf & Pitkowitz ist eine österreichische Anwaltskanzlei mit internationaler Ausrichtung. Die Kanzlei wurde 1994 gegründet und verfügt über Büros in Wien und Graz.



Chambers zu Graf & Pitkowitz: "The firm´s client base is impressively varied, featuring widely known names and international clients. Clients are quick to recommend the firm, saying that values like trust, honesty, sincerity and reliability count."



New act affects withdrawal rights on real estate agreements
Dr. Martin Foerster, ILO Newsletter, 08. August 2014

Parliament recently passed a bill to implement the EU Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EC). The act affects consumers´ rights to withdraw from certain contracts concluded outside the trader´s ordinary place of business and those concluded using distance communication. This update focuses on the effect of the act on real estate-related agreements.


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