Intersection between trademark rights and naming rights

Intellectual Property / IP & IT

Dr. Claudia Csáky, Dr. Ferdinand Graf, Mag. Marija Krizanac, ILO Newsletter vom 13. Juli 2015

In a recent case a high-profile trademark consisting of a famous family name was infringed through use in the course of trade by someone with the same family name. The Court of Appeal marked out the limits of trademark protection when competing with naming rights and defined the requirements that trademark owners must meet to shield their trademarks from exploitation under the cover of exercising legitimate naming rights.


Dr. Claudia Csáky

LL.M. (LONDON) Rechtsanwältin

Dr. Ferdinand Graf

LL.M. (NYU) Partner

Mag. Marija Križanac

CIPP/E, CIPM Rechtsanwältin