Nikolaus Pitkowitz Co-organizes and Co-chairs 9th Annual Real Estate Investments Conference

Real Estate & Construction

Networking with real estate lawyers, trends, opportunities and new frontiers

JW Marriott Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
29-31 March 2017

A conference presented by the IBA Real Estate Committee and supported by the IBA Latin American Regional Forum

Topics will include:

  • Buying and selling distressed commercial real estate assets
  • Come together! - real estate crowdfunding
  • Developments the real estate sector anticipates from modern traffic concepts
  • Future trends for legal services
  • Global market outlook on mega trends, including Brexit
  • Hotels: to own or not to own? That is the question
  • How Airbnb and other alternative lodging websites are changing the hotel business
  • Shopping centres and street stores: ups and downs
  • The party`s over: how can Rio make the most of the post-Olympics? What lessons can be learned from other host cities


Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz

M.B.L.-HSG Partner