Nikolaus Pitkowitz Co-organizes and Co-chairs 8th Annual Real Estate Investment Conference

Dispute Resolution / Litigation & Arbitration

Networking with real estate lawyers, trends, opportunities and new frontiers

A conference presented by the IBA Real Estate Section and supported by the IBA Regional Forum

Topics will include:

    Global market update and a fair guess on mega trends
    Hot topics in M&A real estate
    Are you at risk! Warranty claims and insurance
    Real Estate 2030 - visionary thinking
    Super Brands and Real Estate
    Forward commitments
    Shopping Centres - trends and structure of leases and concession agreements
    Real estate and capital markets
    The intensified regulation of the real estate industry

SKT PETRI Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark
13-15 April 2016

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Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz

M.B.L.-HSG Partner