Real Estate & Construction

Supreme Court redefines location surcharge in rent control leases

In his most recent article Martin Foerster discussed a number of decisions by the Supreme Court confirming and clarifying a decision already rendered in 2017, which limited landlords' rights to request a location surcharge for rent-controlled apartments in desirable neighbourhoods. .. more


Teachers and Brothels

In his most recent article Jakob Widner discussed the Supreme Court’s decision ruling the termination of a school teacher who had moonlighted as a brothel manager to be valid. .. more

Data Protection

Video Surveillance through Public Authorities

In her most recent article, Marija Križanac discusses the use of video surveillance techniques through government administration as well as in the private sector. .. more

Intellectual Property / IP & IT

General Court Confirms NEYMAR Trademark Was Filed in Bad Faith

Claudia Csáky recently acted as verifier for Jan Weiser’s (UNIT4 IP Attorneys at Law) analysis of the decision of the General Court of the European Union of May 8, 2019, T-795/17– Carlos Moreira v. European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) – NEYMAR. .. more

Intellectual Property / IP & IT

General Court Finds ‘BRAVO’ and ‘Brave Paper’ Confusingly Similar

Claudia Csáky recently analysed the decision of the General Court of the European Union of May 8, 2019, T-37/18 – BRAVO v. Brave Paper in INTA Bulletin. .. more


New 'daddy month' strengthens paternal bonding early on

Jakob Widner recently discussed a new law that grants fathers a legal entitlement to one month off work following the birth of their child. .. more

Banking & Finance

Regulation of Virtual Currency

Otto Waechter recently analysed the current status of virtual currency regulations in the European Union and Austrian legislation. .. more

Dispute Resolution / Litigation & Arbitration

Supreme Court evaluates hybrid arbitration agreement

Nikolaus Pitkowitz recently analysed the Supreme Court’s evaluation of a hybrid arbitration agreement. .. more


Festschrift in Honor Of Gunter Nitsche’s 75th Birthday

On the occasion of Gunter Nitsche’s 75th birthday Graf & Pitkowitz celebrated the presentation of the Festschrift: “Corporations and Corporate Law in academia and practice. Festschrift for Gunther Nitsche’s 75th birthday”. .. more

Real Estate & Construction

Short term letting no longer permitted in large parts of Vienna

Since December 2018, an amendment to the Vienna Building Regulations prohibits the short-term letting of rooms in residential zones. This means that it is no longer possible to rent apartments on platforms such as Airbnb in large parts of Vienna. Real estate specialist Martin Foerster examines the associated effects in his latest article. .. more