Vienna Arbitration Days 2011

Dispute Resolution / Litigation & Arbitration

The "Vienna Arbitration Days", which began in 2008, has grown in into the leading arbitration conference in Austria. The 2011 conference set a new participation record; with more than 230 participants from approximately 30 different countries meeting in the aesthetically glorious Akademie der Wissenschaft.

The conference has turned into a veritable "Who´s Who event" of the Austrian and international arbitration scene. The issues taken up by this year´s conference were of special timelines, such as recent decisions of the European Court regarding arbitration, the "Brussels I" directive that will affect the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards, and a brand new suggestion from the European Parliament and Council on arbitration. The topic of "Arbitral Rules on the Move" was another hot topic; the coming changes (expected in the spring) to the ICC Rules were in particular heavily discussed. The topic "Witness and Expert Witnesses in Arbitration: Efficiency v. Ethics" particularly engaged the audience because of its direct relevance to their practice.

In addition to Austrian arbitration experts Christoph Liebscher, Georg Kodek, Benedikt Spiegelfeld and Christian Dorda, many internationally recognized members of the arbitration community took the floor, such as the former Bulgarian foreign minister Stanimir Alexandrov, the Spanish/French arbitration expert José Rosell and the Canadian/English expert Sophie Nappert.

On Friday evening the conference participants were welcomed to an event at the Todesco Palais to celebrate the five year anniversary of the Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration and were presented by Nikolaus Pitkowitz with the 2011 edition of the book. This year´s conference organizers (Wolfgang Hahnkamper, Irene Welser and Werner Jahnel) were delighted to welcome a wide range of participants to the event.

Participants included various leaders of international arbitration institutions (e.g., Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, France and Denmark) and, in addition to Austrian leaders in the field (e.g., Prof. Hubertus Schumacher and Prof. Hellwig Torggler), leading lights of the wider arbitration community such as Prof. Siegfried Elsing, Macej Laszuk, Jernej Sekolic, Prof. Hrvoje Sikiric, Laurent Hirsch, Marc Blessing and Pierre Karrer.


Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz

M.B.L.-HSG Partner