Martin Foerster appointed as vice president of the real estate commission of the international association of young lawyers (aija)

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate and Construction Law Expert Martin Foerster (40) was appointed as Vice President of the Real Estate Commission of the International Association of Young Lawyers (aija)

AIJA is the largest global association devoted to lawyers and inhouse counsel aged 45 and under. The Real Estate Commission represents a specialized part of aija. Martin Foerster is the first Austrian to hold this post. 

Martin Foerster holds a law degree from the University of Vienna and took a course in International Business Law at the London School of Economics, from which he obtained a Master of Laws degree with merit.

Besides working as a lawyer at Graf & Pitkowitz, Mr. Foerster holds an ongoing teaching assignment at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna (FH Wien) on the subject of real estate law and is author of numerous publications such as the handbook on real estate transactions. "For a leading international law firm like Graf & Pitkowitz it is essential to broaden our horizon in addition to our daily business", Martin Foerster explains his volunteer engagement for aija.


Dr. Martin Foerster

LL.M. (LONDON) Partner