International Arbitration Conference

Dispute Resolution / Litigation & Arbitration

The U.S. and its Place in the International Arbitration System of the 21st Century

Atlanta, April 15-17, 2012


  •     Restating the Law of International Commercial Arbitration in the United States: Views From Within and Without
  •     The Federal Arbitration Act: In Need of a Tune-up or Better Left Alone?
  •     Manifest Disregard of the Law: Truly a "Sword of Damocles" Hanging Over Arbitrations in the U.S.?
  •     Changing the Cost and Time Dynamic in International Arbitration: The View From the User Community
  •     Lawyer Ethics in International Arbitration: Prospects for a Level Playing Field
  •     The Changing Face of Investment Treaty Arbitration
  •     Disclosure and Discovery in International Arbitration: Do the Revised IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration Finally Bridge the Divide?
  •     Judicial Assistance in International Arbitration: Striking a Balance Between Help and Hindrance

Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz



Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz

M.B.L.-HSG Partner